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Personal History

I have a big family. I have a twin sister and two older brothers mum dad uncle and grandad i live in shap in a bunglow and have a big garage for my dads wagon big help for me so i started rinding at 11years on a kx60 1998 never did much racing same went i got kx85 never raced alot due to money time support and school after that i was bit late on getting a kxf250 2011 at 20years of age loved the bike straight away and i knew from then this was me but i struggled on the bike at the start so heavy and power im only 5..5 and weigh 8.3stone so small rider so confiedence was down but 1 year down the line started feeling better doing a few races first ever at havrigg in 2015 first time on track epected nothing and result 15th over all out of 38 riders that day done 2 races at dean moor 2015 result 9th overall and 7th overall and south tees missed the first race due to traffic 2nd race 6th and 3rd race 4th postion shame i missed firsted race lol since then i was a south tees practice and another rider cut me up before a jump resulting in me fractured 2 bones in left foot first bad injury on the bike in 2years now off work recoverying also never had insurance i canceld it after never using haha lernt a bit from this but i will be straight back into it soon as i can.. i have such a passion to get as good as i can in the sport i also know hard it is and how much you have to put in...

Riding Goals

Win a championship in uk Progress and learn thoughtout Gain sponsers and support Enter new upcoming events New bike mabey 450 next year Suspension reworked agiain Pro linkage arm on bike Win races

Competitive Highlights

Winning the feeling is amazing being out front holeshot big jumps