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Personal History

I am a mechanical engineer in the aerospace industry. I grew up riding dirtbikes with my dad, but all for fun. I started by buying a 50cc and 70cc bike off of my neighbor in PA, and eventually got an xr100 when I was big enough. I rode mainly out in coal country PA, and enjoyed every second on the bike. I did a brief stint on quads, where I rode a trx450r for about 2 years and had a yamaha blaster that I raced in one hare scramble when I was young. I knew dirtbikes were more my interest, so once I was big enough for a full size bike I bought a CR250. I unfortunatley never got to compete on this bike and went off to college, where I took a 3 year break from riding. I always dreamed to bring my passion for riding into the competitive realm, and I finally made that happen after college. I bought a clapped out 2011 KTM 250xc in early 2020, and began ripping the thing to pieces. After rebuilding the bike the first time, I began my racing career in C medium. Since then, I have competed in many hare scrambles and made the jump up to B class, finishing 5th over all in my class. I picked up a 2022 125xc, and have raced that once, but my motor blew up. I raced the 300 for the remainder of the season in hopes to finish top 5 in my class, and it blew up in the last race. Luckily, the bike finished the race and I achieved my goal. I have both bikes fixed and ready for the 2022 HS season. I plan on continuing on primarily the 125 next season. 

Riding Goals

My goal overall is to eventually compete at the AA level in my local HS series (district 6/ECEA). I am currently in the B class, and I plan on going for the B lite championship next season, to get into A for the following 2023 year. I believe this goal is achievable given my dedication to training on and off the bike, as well as my performance last season. I plan to make it to every race, as well as performing to my potential every time I make it out there. I am someone who is very light hearted and happy to just be on the bike, so I am very much looking forward to next season. 

Competitive Highlights

I started racing late in my career with my only goal being to "just finish my first hare scramble." After finishing my first race in the C class, I was immediately hooked. Unfortunately, I had bike problems for the next two races, and was determined to set off on the right foot for the following season. I came out strong after training all winter and finished 3rd in my class with ease. I then went on to compete in B class and saw my best results ever. I had numerous 2nd place finishes in B, and held 1st for a portion of most races. I knew I had the skill and drive to succeed, and despite coming in later to the season and missing a few races, I still finished 5th overall for the year.