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Personal History

I have been riding all my life. My dad used to have a support ride with Answer products in the 80's. He passed away in 1995, I've always kept close to racing and always rode. Once I could do it on my own I started back racing this year. I have a terminal illness called Cystic Fibrosis. But I don't let it get me down. I wanna show everyone you can live you dreams and be who you wanna be. I love riding my bike it keeps me breathing and living each day. Im also starting to get into making a documentary about my life and racing with my illness.

Riding Goals

I wanna keep competing and pushing my self to new levels. I want to inspire younger generations with disabilities and illness that they can live a full life and have fun. I want to finish strong. I want to be first person with Cystic Fibrosis to compete in the Vegas to Reno race and I plan on making it known I don't quite and won't give up.

Competitive Highlights

I raced a lot when I was younger, and won a lot of local races. After my dad passed I stopped racing. But now I'm back. I raced the Parker 250 in 2012 with my 76 year old grandpa and uncle. We won our class. Then in 2016 I went and raced as an ironman taking home a 5th place in class on an 04 crf250x. I bought a 2012 crf450r and raced the Laughlin Utv world championships and after a bad start and hard crash on the 2nd lap putting me dead last, put a hard charge and got back to 5th and a finish. Out of 11 racers In class and 70 overall racers I finished 13th out of all 23 ironmen. I'm the only person with this terminal breathing illness that I know of competing. I'm 10th in point for all Ironman this season with 2 races to go, I believe I can finish the rest of the races and be up in the topen 5 for points.