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Rider Updates

Mar 20 2019

Went to millville nj the past 2 weekends to field of dreams to get ready for this first race on the 31st

Dec 21 2018

Riding switchback mx sunday 12/23/18. Hope to see yall there

Nov 11 2018

Had a really good practice today at mx573! Awesome fun little track and feels good riding in november. Ready to start training at the indoor arenacross track!

Nov 11 2018

Riding at mx573 practice track 11-5 tomorrow! Stoked for seat time

Nov 6 2018

Went out riding over the weeknd with crazy hill climbs and homemade rythem tracks and tweeked my wrist. Just ordered the mobius x8 wrist brace and hopfully get it before saturday when i practice at Pagoda. Riding no matter what this weekend! Waiting on factory backing to ship back my jersey with numbers and name!

Oct 30 2018

Holymoly my helmet and gear are here already and love it! Thanks answer racing! Yall are the best!

Oct 29 2018

Ordered full set of gear from answer and goggles from flowvision! Thanks everyone who is sponsoring so far! Just invested in a bobcat so its time to regace my practice track. Stay tuned for pics!

Oct 28 2018

Took bike out for some trail riding. Ready for pagoda in 2 weeks!

Oct 24 2018

Factory connections rebuilt and revalved my forks