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Personal History

My dad has been racing Hare Scramble/Enduro since the late 70's in West Virginia.

Of course, ever since I can remember there have been dirt bikes around the garage.

My first bike was a Suzuki JR50 and than I got my brother's Yamaha PW80. I rode these a couple of years before getting my new Honda CRF80. Just for fun we entered a local Hare Scramble and had a ball.  Although I missed the first couple of series and district races, I did well enough in what races were remaining to take the overall win. It's always a good time, grandma, grandpa, mom, dad, brother, friends, food, coolers and of course all my racing buddies.

Riding Goals

For 2010...

Get faster and stay consistant...It's still a great goal!

I am going to focus mostly on hitting the GNCC races in the Super Mini front row.

To fill in, there are losts of local races; District 6, Pa State Series and ECEA events.



Below is from 2009...

Get faster and stay consistent. I'm not sure if I will be able to repeat my titles in the Pa and District 6 Hare Scramble Series. I want to enter more of the AMA Youth National and GNCC races, and some are scheduled on the same weekend.  Consistency in a long series is becoming obviously important. Work hard on both my physical and mental conditioning to be able to overcome obstacles that will surface during a race.  Practice, Practice, Practice…

Competitive Highlights

For 2010...

Last year; (2009),  I finished the season 4th in class for the GNCC, 85 cc, 14-15 and 4th in the AMA East Coast Youth Hare Scramble Series in the 85 cc class.  For the year I did post a class win in a GNCC, AMA Series, Distrist 6 and Pa State Series race.  I also had my first youth overall win at a local hare scramble.  43 will be my new number this year based on my overall finish in the GNCC Series!

Below is from before the 2009 season...

In 2006 I won the PA State Hare Scramble Series and the District 6 Hare Scramble Series. I was competing in the 110 air cooled class. In 2007 I raced the same class and won the PA State and got 2nd in the District 6 series. I would have gotten first, but I ran the last couple of races on my new RM85. In 2008 I moved up to the 85cc 12-15 class. Racing this class I won both the PA State and District 6 Hare Scramble Series. In 2008 I also won my class in the North East Hare Scramble Series. This year one of the PA Series races was the Mountain Ridge GNCC in Somerset PA. There I placed 7th out of 21 riders. I also attended a AMA Youth National Hare Scramble and placed 3rd for a podium finish.