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Personal History

My name is Anthony Fernandez and I am 17 years old who has a passion for dirtbikes and started when I was 2 and a half I have a family of 4 who includes my mom, Dad, brother, and I. I am a senior in high school who trys to ride every weekend and try to race as much as I can, but it gets expensive so I’m not able to do it much often. I work at a pizza place to help buy parts that I need and help pay for fees such as to get into the track and to race. My family also helps me when they can which is a huge part in my half. 


Riding Goals

I ride dirt bikes because it is a passion for me and I love being able to forget about everything when I ride and just focus on getting better and faster. I want to do has many twmx race series that I can do for this year and for year of 2019 I want to try and qualify for mammoth again and also race as much as I can. The last race I did was mammoth qualifier on April 29, 2018 and my class was 250 c Jr. First moto I was in 3rd place and made simple mistakes causing me to drop to 8th, then the corner before the finish line on the last lap someone took me out causing me to drop to 11th place. 2nd moto I was 5th out of the gate when I crashed on the 3rd turn and dropped to dead last. Then when I got my bike running I made passes and finished in 14th place. My overall was 11th and I needed 10th to qualify for mammoth.