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Personal History

Hello name is Antonios when I was remember myself I riding paw 50 my first bike I start riding later cub 90 and start mod on the bikes and do street races when I was skinny and light guy .i start with drag races with cars and motorcycles I was born in Greece in Europe and I come to USA 7 years ago..I start riding in USA 2014 and my first race it was Englishtown nj with cr 125 2001 I was poor guy with big smile and no speak English just straight to the race in the mud..I ride 25c class there but I start with the wrong gate like b class and I get 1 place my first race..after I start to love motocrosss and start follow some races.2017 I start tristate championship and I get in 25c class 4 place lbut I miss some races..2018 my first race it was horrible broken 2 ribs and he take me time to go back again..follow some races travel around and I was stack in MSC RACES IN NY I love the tracks there and I start doing good on novice class 25 and 30c..I follow the races to the middle to the year and already I’m second please and 3rd..That’s some of my history

Riding Goals

Riding goals I move to B next year and I’m gonna try to get the championship In MSC races and follow and ama big events