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Personal History

My name is April Ollie McNamara. My original middle name was the name of a flower but I didn't like it so I changed my name to Ollie. My good friend Ollie Roberts died while snowboarding so I have been upset. Okay, so, I do motocross, I have won 6 Junior Championship Titles, I also do Little athletics and I've been the age champion for this year. I win all my races( motocross and athletics) and I'm a VERY FUNNY kid. I sometimes get HYPER but most of the tie I'm good. I have loads of friends, I have been my school carnival champion twice, interschool 3 times and for Motocross championships.... well there's just too many.    I own the Yamaha State and Out titles every year because I'm the best rider. I recently bought a 2015 Honda crf450r and a Yamaha wr250f. I am on a Yamaha Hawaii Under 13's Tour around Hawaii. There are 7 rounds in the tour and, so far after 5 rounds, I have won every race and every round. 2 more rounds to go. Even if i do not finish or do not start, I still have wrapped up the Championship Title. These next to rounds I'm going to give it my all and, like I said, I've already got the Championship Title. Bye for now!   I am a champion boxer and i have won 5 ESA National titles, 6 NSQ International titles, 3 Amateur World Champion titles and 9 Little Pro Australian titles. My boxing nickname is Silent Death. In total i have won 23 boxing titles and my current record is 77-0-0 which means 77 fights, 77 wins, no losses and no draws. 43 of my 77 wins have been TKO.

Riding Goals

- To one day be the  Women's World Motocross Champion!!!!!!!!!!!  

- To meet all the Speedway Grand Prix competitors!!!!!  

- To be a World Champion Boxer or UFC fighter in the women's division. In order, I'd do dirt riding first for a few years and then pursue my fighting career.

Competitive Highlights

I have won 6 Junior Champion Titles and I also do Little Athletics. I was the (LA) age champion for this year, breaking 3 sprint records. I win every race and, just recently, won a State and Out Motocross title at the juniors in Phillip Island.