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Rider Updates

Apr 19 2015

Out racing the district34 race at njmp field of dreams. Running three classes. Open C,25+ C, and 250 C. 

Jan 12 2015

It's been real cold. The practice track has been closed nonstop sadly. Got 2 practices days in December sadly. Living in the northeast is tough in the winter. This winter is supposed to be warm enough to get out so hopefully get some practice in. 

Nov 16 2014

Went and raced my first harescamble today. Just figured give it a shot since was at my local mx track. Also have had plenty of time riding the woods by home. Ended up finishing 12th out of 38 so not too bad for first time.

Oct 26 2014

Went to Blue Diamond Mx today. Had a great day putting in some laps. Broke out a fresh set of One Industries gears thanks to those guys also had a fresh twin air filter in that came this week. And fell like gaining some speed. Just wish the cold weather wasn't coming.