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5 best puzzle games on Android that will blow your mind - seriously

Try out the most mind-blowing puzzle games on Android and get the most exciting experience possible in your relaxation time.
Nowadays, puzzle games are one of the most popular categories on the entire mobile platform.
Many extremely good puzzle games are available on Android. You will have great fun dealing with puzzles and killing time.
Most of them now offer fine graphics as well as attractive mechanics. Some of these games are even intense and complex with stories and really outstanding graphics.
You might find a different list of the top names in this class through the years.
For 2018, please check out the following puzzle games on Android.
All That Remains: Part 1
All That Remains: Part 1 is a first-person point and click adventure game.
The game is full of logical puzzles, fanciful graphics, mind-blowing challenges, stimulating story details, superb voice acting, and beautiful music.
Players need to solve many puzzles to get the way out of a bunker before something bad happens.
You can get some hints by communicating with the character’s sister via a radio.
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Bridge Constructor Portal
In Bridge Constructor Portal, you will suit up as a new worker in the Aperture Science test lab.
Your duty is constructing slides, ramps, bridges, and other structures in 60 test chambers and get the trucks safely passing the finish line.
The tips are that make use of the available Portal gadgets and solve the puzzles quickly to bypass the test chambers without a scratch.
To enjoy the game, you will spend $4.99 for its price. Then, you are ready to get an exciting puzzle game without any in-app purchases or ads.
Life is Strange
Life Is Strange is an outstanding five-part episodic game.
The game tells the story of Max Caulfield, a photography senior who has special powers of rewinding time.
You can use her power to replay many moments in her life until you attain the expected results.
Exclusively on Android, the game comes with full controller support. You can share new photos and your progress on social media.
The gameplay and graphics are good, meanwhile the storyline is really engaging.
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Returner 77
With challenging and interesting logic puzzles, Returner 77 is a puzzle adventure game that you are not likely to forget.
In this one, you will play the role as the last survivor on Earth after an alien attack.
To find out what is going on, you will invade and discover the spaceships.
During your journey, you have to deal with several puzzles by sliding, matching, or finding some missing pieces.
By doing those things, you will activate the technology of the alien, rescue people, and rebuild humanity.
The game comes with a heavy storyline and excellent graphics.
It is also recommended to use headphones to best enjoy the dynamic and ambient soundtrack.
Monument Valley 1 and 2
Monument Valley 1 and 2 is subject to give players a relaxing experience as the gameplay is not challenging or difficult.
You will guide a mother and her child through magical architecture, discover illusionary corridors and solve amusing puzzles.
To progress the game, you need to rotate and turn portions of the level.
It is more relaxing with the melodic interactive soundscapes of the game.
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To sum up
Hopefully, you will have great fun and relaxation with these puzzle games on Android.
Please leave your comments about these game as well as share them with your friends.