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Personal History

Austin Ceresna is a 6 year old kindergartener who attends United local Schools.  Living in Salem Ohio, Austin has been riding dirtbikes for approximately three years and has just finished up his first year of competitive racing with great results.  What started as a small smiling two year old wearing his dads way too big helmet has turned into a outgoing, confident and competitive 6 year old.  Austin started out riding a small 50 cc quad at two years old, grasping the concept of riding quickly.  He then continued on to a Honda CRF 50 riding on his own without training wheels right before his 4th birthday.  Austin then moved on to a KTM mini 50 along with a Yamaha PW 50 and hasn't looked back.  Within 7 months Austin is now the owner of two Cobra 50 JR's and is progressing at a very fast rate.  Austin started by placing second in his very first race to winning his class championship along with two series.  Austin is the oldest of three siblings and a great student.  He was unable to secure any sponsors for 2014 but looks forward to working with great companies and performing at a great level in 2015.  


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Riding Goals

Austin's goals for the upcoming year are many.  First and foremost the goal is to have a safe productive year with continued improvement.  Austin has made many friends and actually has goals to meet more great people.  On the track the sky is the limit.  Austin wants to compete and win the CRA series in the junior peewee class this upcoming season.  Goals also include competing in more OMA and even a few AMA races and he would also like to compete in the Battle of Ohio.  The main goal for this year is to race against the best of the best at Loretta Lynns.  Austin has been practicing hard during the winter months in hopes of meeting his goals and having a great season.

Competitive Highlights

2014 CRA beginner class champion

2014 CRA Sunoco Spring Shootout class winner

2014 CRA Wiseco Piston cup beginner class champion