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Personal History

Hello Future sponsor's My name is Austin Eiter and I'm 8 years old, I first started riding a quad at the age of 20months on a polaris 50. For my 3rd Christmas I got a yamaha pw50 from santa and started racing that summer, when I was 5 I then got Cobra 50jr for my birthday and I'm now on and stock and modified Cobra 50 and A brand new Pro Calbier sponsored Kawi 65. In 2010 I raced several local sereis I receievd 1st place in both stock and mod, In the pro series put on by Devol I got 3rd in my class.  My family and I are planning on attending alot of national race's this year and looking for rider support.  I'm working very hard in pratice's and taking racing very series because my dream is to win Lorreta lynn. I am one of the top students in my 2nd grade class, my favortie subject is math. I have a horse name shorty and will be doing 4h this year on my horse. I have 1 brother Travis who is 3 and Twin sister's Kaylee and Kandice That will be turning 1 this month. 

Riding Goals

Hello future sponsor's my goals this year are to compete in as many national races as possible, qualify for lorretta lynn and compete at my highest level at lorretta lynn! My parents support me at every race and make sure my bike's are in the best condition at all times. Please any help with racing cost would be very helpfull and greatly appreciated, and for that I promise to represent you with the hightest respect.

Competitive Highlights

2010 Supercross series (extreme motorplex spokane wa) 50 cc 7-8      1st place

2010 Supercross series (extreme motorplex spokane wa) 50 cc open     1st Place

2010 Outdoor series ( extreme motorplex spokane wa) 50 cc 7-8 and open   1st place

2010 Pro Series ( devol racing series)  50 cc Junior class  3rd place

2010 MRP indoor super cross march 2010 50 cc 7-8    1st place

2010 Mrp outdoor supercross  July 2010 50cc 7-8 1st place

2010 Mrp outdoor supercross August 2010 50cc 7-8 1st place

2009 AZ ameateaur nationsl     50 cc 4-6 class 4th place

2009 Supercross series (exteme motorplex spokane wa) 50cc 4-6   1st place

2009 Outdoor Series (extreme motorplex spokane wa) 50cc 4-6  2nd place