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Personal History

I grow up with a MX life my uncle was first in state and most of my parents friends have had multiple first places in states, Jay Rice is one of them and he bought me my bike with a deal that I would buy all of my gear, because my parents couldnt afford a bike.  I have grown up with dirt bikes I have had my bike and been racing for one year.  I race CORCS Colorado Off Road Championship Series, I got my first bike and a week after getting it I had my first race with a goal not to come in last and accomplished that.  Everyone that knows me knows me as the most DEDICATED dirt biker rider ever.  My LIFE LONG DREAM IS TO BE THE BEST MOTORCROSS OR SUPERCROSS RIDER OF MY TIME.  If I get a sponser deal I will Represent you everyday whenever I can.  MY NAME IS AUSTIN EVERT I RACE DIRT BIKES AND AM GOING TO START RACING MOTORCROSS, I AM A CHRISTIAN AND MOTORCROSS OR ANYTHING TO DO WITH DIRT BIKES IS MY LIFE.  Dirt biking is always on my mind.

Riding Goals

I WANT to be the best Motorcross or Supercross racer someday of my time and nothing will stop me.

Competitive Highlights

I have had a bike for about a year and a half and have been racing that whole time that first year I got 5th in CORCS Mini 4 class I beat kids that have been riding since they were 4 I will race anyone no matter there skill or bike and I give it my best ever time on my bike.