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Personal History

I am a physical therapist. I went to college for PT due to injuring myself in high school during a motocross race. I wanted to provide treatment for people that were in the same position as myself so that they could get back to doing the things they love. For me, the thing I love most is riding my bike. I complete in district 3 AMA events in upstate New York. I grew up near Unadilla mx and have been going to the races since I was young. I began racing in my teenage years and have been committed ever since. My family attends every race with me. Racing has brought us closer as a family.

Riding Goals

My riding goals are to improve every year and challenge myself. I love to ride and my competitive nature drives me to improve myself as a rider. I am committed to what I do and I am always striving to increase my knowledge of the sport. I try to provide knowledge to new riders and current riders also in order to grow and improve the sport.

Competitive Highlights

I have a lot of competitive highlights with my group of friends that I race with. We constantly have fun battles with each other every weekend. A big accomplishment for myself was finishing top 5 in the points series in each division that I've been in, starting from beginner to novice to amateur class. I will be joining the expert class within the next year as another accomplishment in my motocross career.