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Rider Updates

Feb 15 2013

Putting 2013 schedule together. will have it posted soon

Jan 18 2013

No Riding for a few months now. Going to be taking a trip down south in a few weeks. Can't wait till spring

Oct 13 2012

Arenacross schedule is kind of a bummer. will probably only get to do one or two rounds, since they are all so far away. must be because of bad economy. I guess we will just try and hit up the sandbox for some riding and racing this winter.

Sep 28 2012

Love the new bike! Ride Red. Heading out for some practice this weekend. Can't wait for the Arenacross schedule to get released. Looking forward to hitting some of those up in the north Central or Midwest region.

Sep 20 2012

Was a fun weekend at Stateline mx. I was able to lock up the 2012 85jr stateline mx championship.

Sep 12 2012

Anxious to get back racing after a few weeks off. Double header at Stateline MX this weekend. Saturday night race followed by Sunday day race. Can't wait gonna be good time.

Aug 20 2012

We will be taking a two week break from racing for bike maintenance and practice. I am looking forward to having a strong finish to the outdoor season. I am currently leading points in the Stateline MX (Battle at the Boarder Series) and currently in 5th in D17 SX Points. My goal is to finish top 3 in D17 Sx points and win the Battle at the Boarder series but will have to see how it all shakes out.

Aug 12 2012

Bad starts forced me to come threw the pack and i managed to salvage a 5th.

Aug 4 2012

Stateline mx was forced to cancel race due to severe weather. Practice tomorrow

Jul 29 2012

Awsome night last night. Big turn out of 20 85 JR riders showed up and it made for some great racing. Everyone rode great and was bringing it. I finished 6th. I had a bike issue that costed me a battle for a podium after a great start. Dad has some work to do this week to get it ready for next weekend.

Jul 22 2012

Fun night last night at Stateline mx. struggled in both first heats. Got it goin for the mains though. In the 85jr main i gave my self a chance for a win staying with 1st and 2nd just couldnt get a pass to stick and ended up 3rd. 85 9-13 open main was good. found myself in 2nd place after the first lap and was catching first. I had a decent gap on 3rd until i stalled the bike after a woop section going into a corner. I got passed and fell to third. After i got it started and going again i caught back up to second but ran out of time and took 3rd.

Jul 13 2012

This weekend is going to depend on weather. looks like it could get nasty. May just be headed away from rain to do some practice.

Jul 2 2012

The night started off awsome. Some great competition showed up. I took a 3rd and a 5th in 85 JR and 85 Open in the first heats. On the second lap of the first main I was runing 2nd and overshot a huge tabletop and landed on my fron tire in the flats. Some how I saved it and didn't endo but I took a shot to my stomach and it knocked the wind out of me. I was able to finish but dropped off by the end due to being winded. I tried to fight through it and do the 85 JR main but was involved in a first corner pile up and my night was finished. One of those nights but will be back strong next race.

Jun 27 2012

Heading to Meagacross this weekend for what should be some great Racing!

Jun 26 2012

District 17 SX Points

79 points - 4th overall

Stateline MX

72 points - 1 point out of first