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Personal History

I am a driven 15 year old kid who is willing to do anything to go somewhere in this sport.  I have my own track thats about 2 miles long that i practice on 2-3 times a week.  I have my own personal trainer at the gym i go to and I try to go there as much as i can but i usually go about 3-5 days a week.  I am an honor roll student. i have to maintain that to ride.  I have my priorities set straight.  1rst comes family, then 2nd is school, and then 3rd is my riding career.

Riding Goals

This up and coming year i really want to work hard on getting better and im really hoping to win some titles.  In the end my main goal is become pro at 17 years old which isn't unreasonable considering how long I have been riding.  I don't think of it as I want to go pro and make a career out of this, I think of it as i will go pro make something out of this.

Competitive Highlights

One of my bigger competitive highlights was this year in the junior class at Washougal Nationals where I was racing against people like Tyler Hanson, Marcus Jansen, and Tyler Sizemore and i took home twi 2nd place trophies.  Another big highlight of mine was last weekend when i raced intermediate for the first time ane took two thirds over all.