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Rider Updates

Feb 14 2015

I started the Bad Rabbit Race pulled up to the startline its a dead engine start cleaned the bike out and set the clutch. when the Banner droped one kick and was gone pulled out the holeshot was leading the 12 mile race. I was picking off the 85cc rider right and left. I got to the 9 mile marker and my Motor stoped in a corner come to find out it was blown. The second place rider didn't show up to me for at least 10 minutes. I couldn't of done this race without help from Leatt, Scopion EVO , Twin Air, Spy,  and  Matrix. Thanks to all my Sponsors your the best I couldn't do this without you.

Jan 31 2015

I pulled up to the Start cleaned my bike out and got the clutch set for a start. These races are dead engine starts. The flag droped my bike started in first kick poped the clutch and was gone pulled out the Holeshot they say the next bike to the corner  for the holeshot was 15 bikes behind me. I was on the gas up the hill and finished my first 11 mile lap I was 4 minutes ahead of second place no pitting this lap. I started the second lap was passing 85cc riders like they were not there finished the second 11 mile lap pulled into the pit for a splash of gas and a drink of water 30 second pit stop. headed out of the pits on my 3rd and final lap. I was moving out passing the 85cc riders coming into the pits I was wide open 6th gear threw the woops finish the race 1st place 6th overall against the 85cc riders the next 65cc that came in was 10 minutes behind me at the finish. I couldn't of done this without my great sponsor's Leatt, Twin Air, Scorpion EVO.

May 17 2014

Was at AMA dist. 37 SSTB / NHHA  in Caliente Nv  finished 4th place.