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Rider Updates

Nov 30 2012

cant make it to my race this weekend... I very sick ... i hope i can make it to the next on

Nov 29 2012

this weekend is my last 2 races for TWMX race series its going to be cold and rainy but fun

Nov 29 2012

thanksgiving  weekend was a  blast in johnson valley riding n raceing around with my family

Nov 5 2012

Cant wait for this weekend i am going to the lake elsinore grand prix on saturday and on sunday i am racing at cahullia 

Nov 2 2012

sorry i have been on for a couple of days but i had to go to school ... The perris track was awesome it was small but i had lots of fun ... I got 7th place in beginner 65 and 8th place in open 65 it was an awesome day ...cant wait to go watch the lake elsinore grand prix next weekend and I have a race in cahuilla on sunday nov 11th

Oct 28 2012

On my way to my race I can't wait to hit that track 

Oct 25 2012

Signed up this morning for my race this sunday at perris mx ... I cant wait to get dirty ...

Oct 23 2012

Cant wait for this weekend ... I am racing in perris... I havent been there snice my first race and it was an awesome track ...

Oct 21 2012

Man that race last night was awesome like crazy awesome i cant wait to go in may in see it live its going to be crazy 

Oct 20 2012

Watching the monster cup n it's awesome I wish I was there 

Oct 17 2012

Thanks Twin air for sponsoring me. I use your product and its great 

Oct 16 2012

Thanks AGU Helmets for sponsoring me !

Oct 16 2012

Thanks Pirelli-dominus corp. for sponsoring me 

Oct 16 2012

Thanks Athena pistons for sponsoring me...

Oct 14 2012

I just signed up for this web page today and I got my first sponsor tonight. It is so awesome that ASV is my first sponsor. My dad put ASV'S on my bike just before I started racing. We love their product . Thanks again for being my first sponsor .