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Personal History

I have been riding and racing competitively since 1998.  My first bike was a JR50, if I only knew then what I know now, it would have been different.  My goal is to become one of the elite in the motocross/supercross profession.  My goals are high and my determination is un-waivering.  I have been bumped, bruised, broken and keep going back for more.

I have found nothing, which is as thrilling as being able to fly through the air on a 2-wheeled motorized vehicle.  Nothing is better that the air and dirt in my face, the mud on my goggles and the pain that it sometimes causes. 

Some find it strange that a person could want to subject themselves to this sort of thing, but for me it is all I want.

Riding Goals

My goals for 2012, are as follows, 

  • Racing NESC, spring and summer series.
  • Competing at the LL Area Qualifiers.
  • Competing at the New England Regional, Maine State Championship and the New England Classic.
  • If budget allows attending the Mini O's again & spending a week at Milsap's, again.

Competitive Highlights

 Let's see nothing super to brag about, nationally, but have done fairly well in my region.

  • 2011-Many podiums and top fives, a couple wrecks and DNF...
  • 2001-2007 -Many top 3's with NEMA, NEMX and Winchester Speed Park.
  • 2004 -Mid field at the Mini O's- even in the modified 65cc class on a stock bike, also mid field on 85cc 7-11.
  • 2007 -Series Champion in the 85cc A class.
  • 2007 -7th at the New England Classic.

I did not compete in 2008 &2009.  (funding)

Enough to have a nice collection of plaques and trophies, but  more would be good.  I have done well enough, that the younger kids, know me and look up to me.