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Rider Updates

Nov 26 2008

Nov 5 2008

Austin made all A's on his first report card for third grade.  His grades were as follows.  His grades were as follows:

Math       99          Language Arts         99

Science    97          Social Studies         95

We are SO PROUD of Austin for his hard work in school!!

Jun 14 2008

This past week (June 10-14) Austin went to the MX Camp sponsored by the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) at Rolling Hills Cycle Park.  Austin had an awesome time, and made some good friends.  He got a lot of good practice time on his corners. 

While he was there, Joe Gibbs Racing MX Team Members Gavin Gracyk and Josh Summey came to share with the kids proper riding techniques and how faith is an important part of their daily life.  Also in attendance was Arenacross champion Jim Neese, who helped train the kids daily.  In the image above, you can see Austin and other campers getting autographs from Jim, Josh, & Gavin.

JGRMX Chaplain Steve Hudson also came to camp.  Prior to joining JGRMX, Steve served as the Chaplain at Supercross and Motocross Nationals.  He spoke nightly and had a HUGE impact on the lives of the kids.  While attending camp Austin made the choice to accept Jesus Christ into his heart.  As parents we are so thankful for the eternal difference this camp made in the life of our son!

Check out the Image Gallery to see some more photos of Austin at camp. 

May 31 2008

On June 1st, Austin placed 2nd on his 50 and 4th on his 65 at Cow Branch MX Park.  We were hoping for a 3rd on the 65 (because Austin placed 3rd in the first moto), but Austin jumped the gate and got caught in it.  Then he also fell.  But he fought back to pass other riders and ended up 6th in second moto, thereby getting 4th overall.

May 1 2008

In May Austin raced the Loretta Lynn Qualifier at Rolling Hills Cycle Park.  The first moto didn't go so well, with Austin having a bad fall, that placed him towards the back of the pack.  The 2nd moto got off to a great start.  He was about 8th coming off the gate, then the child in front of him flipped and Austin ran into his bike.  But Austin got up quickly and charged ahead until having another fall in one of the corners.  But he still plugged away, and fought with all his heart.

See the video page to see footage from Austin's ride.


Apr 22 2008

This past weekend Andy started building a small track on a 2x2 acre plot of land we're renting from our family.  The track is about 20 minutes from our house.  It has some simple doubles to help develop Austin's confidence and skills in jumping.  It also has some small whoops and a set of arenacross style whoops.  Andy worked all weekend to try and get this thing together, and Austin loves it!  We look forward to using it alot this summer when Austin's out of school.


Apr 11 2008

On April 12th, Austin raced his first Loretta Lynn Qualifier at Lake Sugartree MX in Axton VA.  Austin did not qualify but he did get 13th out of 20.  Included in the top 10 racers were Hayden Justice, David Milana (who placed 2nd at Lake Whitney),  and National Cobra Riders Dawson Evitts, Logan Leitzel, and Joshua Strickland.  So the competition was pretty stiff.  In addition, this race was by far the largest race we have ever been to.  Just the overall race size alone was very intimidating to us as parents.  But Austin did a great job of staying focused and racing his race.  

Mar 31 2008

Click on the video page to see a clip of Austin starting on his 65cc at Tuscarora MX.  He's on the inside line, and although he's second to the holeshot, he was the first to reach it in his class.  He did awesome!!  And we were very proud!

Mar 29 2008

This weekend we raced at Tuscarora MX and had a blast!  Austin raced both his 50 and his 65.  On his 50, he got 3rd overall, placing 7th in the first moto due to bike problems, and 1st in the second moto.  He also grabbed the holeshot in the second moto on his 50.

On his 65, he got third in both motos and placed third overall; thereby taking his first podium finish on his 65.  He was SO excited!  It was a great weekend!

Don't forget to check out the video of Austin's 65cc start at Tuscarora MX.

Feb 23 2008

Austin placed 6th out of 17 riders at the Greensboro Arenacross on Sunday, February 24th.  He was running in 5th for part of the race and then got passed in the whoops.  But, overall, we were very pleased with Austin's performance!  This was our first year competing in Arenacross, and Austin seemed to really enjoy it.  We look forward to competing in some more of these next year, and hopefully pursuing a shot at Vegas!

Thanks to our sponsors for all your support!

Feb 5 2008

Austin competed in his first arenacross this past weekend, Feb. 3rd, at Hampton VA.  He was in 4th and 5th the entire race until he fell in the last lap.  He got stuck between the bike and the haybale, and had to wait for help to get up, so his final position was 11th, but he raced really well.  Go check out the video.  At the starting gate, Austin is on the far, front end (i.e. closest to the inside). 

Jan 14 2008

Here in Pitt County, elementary kids are graded using E's for exceeding grade level, P for performing at grade level, and N for needs improvement.  On this report card, Austin got 24 E's.  That's six more than his last report card. 

We reward Austin financially (kind of like of bonus for good work), and if he keeps going at this rate, we'll be broke.  But we're so thankful for his efforts and the improvement he's made in his academics over the last year.

Nov 4 2007

Austin got his report card this week. In elementary school in Pitt County you receive E's, for performing above grade level, P's for performing at grade level, and N's for needs improvement. Austin got 18E's on his report card this marking period. That's the most he's ever received. We are so proud of him, and feel that motocross has been a major contributor to his success in school. Since he's started competing in motocross, we have seen Austin's self esteem improve and his ability to deal with challenging situations, just one of the many benefits of this fantastic sport.

Way to go Austin!!

Sep 5 2007

Aug 25 2007

Aug 3 2007

Austin and family will be heading to Cairo GA September 2-4 to attend Millsap's 2 day 65 camp. The focus of the camp will be on corners and the importance of good nutrition and exercise. We are extremely excited about this learning opportunity!

Jul 28 2007

Moto #2, Austin Terry leaped off the gate grabbing the holeshot and taking the lead. He led the race until the last lap when racer #65 squeaked by him on the inside line. Austin learned a valuable lesson about the importance of protecting his inside line!

Jul 27 2007

Austin grabbed the holeshot and battled neck and neck with racer 348 from MS before clinching the checkered flag. This muddy race was slick and fun!

Apr 20 2007

Austin Terry fought hard and grabbed his first victory ever, winning the overall at Crystal Coast MX, 50cc 4-6. Austin stole the holeshot second moto and raced hard to finally seal the win! What a day for Austin!