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Personal History

I am an avrage 15 year old kid who loves to race motocross.I have two brothers one older and one younger.My main goal in life right now is to be the best racer that I can.I try to ride as much as possibale during the week and race on the weekends.I also have a very good training program that includes roadbiking and lots of runing and just putin in the motos two to three times a week. i also am homeschooled witch helps me out a lot! being able to traval to the nationls.and get down to so cal and texas during the winter!!                           


Riding Goals

 My main goal is to someday turn pro and ride for a factory team.  

 For this year I want to continue to stay in the top 10 nationally and

 hopefully alot of top 5's and maybe some champinships.I think with my family and i and my training program this is a very reasonable goal.

Competitive Highlights

I have had the opertunity to attend Loretta lynn's three times.The first time I was on 60's.In 2005 I returned on 80's and finished in the top 10.I have also had alot of top 5 moto finishes at Oak hill,Amature open,World Mini's, and Lake whitney.a cupple years ago I finished 9th at oak hill and 12th at lake whitney.I just finished racing at the Dodge Amature Nationals where I was on big bikes I got a 1st and a 2nd moto finish if I would not have stuffed my knee in a rut I definatily would have been top5 over all in the 250 int and the 250 schoolboy.Not to bad for a 14 year old. and then this year i went to lake whitney where  i dident have good luck went in with a two 6's and an 8th and got cought up in pile ups!!world mini was really good had a good showing up front had a little bad luck ended up with an 8th in the 125/250 schoolboy!! ponca city was also a really good week!! had 4 top threes goin in to the mains and ended up with a 10th in the B stock and had a 3ed in the twostroke but went down with a lap1/2 to go!!loretts was good went 7-9-13 for 9th in the twostroke schoolboy and went 7-dnf-9 for 14th in the forstroke schoolboy? this year was a lerning year in the B class next year will be a wining year!!