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Rider Updates

Feb 27 2008

The weekend was going good, and I was riding awsome then it went down hill. I signed up for 125 B and 125 open, and racing two classes is cake (easy, physically speaking), But they were motos 19 and 21.Back to Back. I did really well in moto 19, 125 open, with a 7th finish due to a few bobbles, but moto 21 i went down and had to fight the bike to get started and ended up with a 14th.

    After waiting around what felt like all day moto 19 came around again, and I was feeling ON. I got a really good start and I was pulling. I was in about fourth gear when it happened. My bike was running strong and i had a lot of momentum out of the first turn i was pulling on the top 5 riders when some squid rider went whisky and slammed into me, taking out my front tire and causing me to fall right into the 15 riders' path behind me. Somebody hit me on my way to the ground, and when i hit the ground it felt like a stampede just pumbled me. After about a minute 30 seconds i came to and everyone was telling me to stay still( you know the regular). About a minute later i was on my feet  but a little dazed.

    I ended up finishing the race so i didnt get a DNF. When I returned to the trailer and took my helmet off it was absolutley demolished, goudges centimeters deep, no visor, and full of clay. After about 5 minute of sitting down my buddy comes over and says are you ok and all that, then he said "dude i hit you so hard, I ran right over your head, there was nothing i could do! im sorry ."  i didnt care, you know, its racing.

    Needless to say, the weekend was going good till my buddy ran my head over. lol. My buddy had to drive my truck home and I eneded up getting "my cat scanned"(joe dirt), all was well though. mild concusion and a week and half worth of head aches. Now im just looking foward to Ocatillo, and Glamis in two weeks.


oh yeah, and now i need ab

Jan 25 2008

IM currently Modding my bike and it should be ready for the frist race of the Florida MX Series.