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Personal History

For the last 4 years my family has traveled around the country with my dad’s work. What started my interest in dirt bikes was a toy rider and dirt bike I got for Christmas. I begged for a dirt bike for months!  Finally on my 3rd birthday I got one! I spend the next 2 years  riding off and on when we were home in the pasture. In August of 2019 my dad took me to a track for the first time, and I loved it! 4 weeks later I was in my first super cross race! I did not win, but my passion for racing was started! I have been training for 16 weeks now, and have improved a lot! I got a new bike, a Cobra 50 JR. With my dads work and all the traveling we will get to do races in a lot of different states! In 2020 I will start training at underground mx in Texas one week a month! I might be new to Motocross but I am giving it my best! My whole family has Fallen in love with the sport and all the great families we have meet. 

I am homeschooled and started kindergarten a year early! I enjoy going to church and learning new bible stories. I am always looking for kids to play with no matter their age. 

Riding Goals

For 2020 my goal is to get to as many races as possible and get to train as much as possible. I am focusing on getting the right techniques learned from the beginning.