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Personal History

   I have two sisters, I am the oldest out of both. My sisters love playing sports and going camping. I have never been much of a sports person. My dad and grandpa have rode dirt bikes their whole lives, so I have been around dirt bikes my whole life. I tried getting into school sports in elementary school but I was never really interested in them and I have always been the shortest. I have always rode dirt bikes since I was very young but I was never racing or actually getting into being competitive. We have always done trail riding, but just a few years ago I just started getting competitive in the sport, ever since then I haven’t stopped racing. We have been racing every weekend or every other weekend and I have been trying to go to as much practice days at tracks as much as I can. I love racing so much but some of my other hobbies are going hunting and camping with my family. I love going to the track especially when it’s a race that is all weekend long and I get to hang out with my family and we always have a good time.

Riding Goals

  Some of my goals in racing motocross is to get a lot faster and to start racing some bigger and more popular motocross events with more people and competition. I want to get out of Oregon a little more and start racing tracks that are farther way. I want to qualify for a race called Mammoth next year and do good there. My main goal for this year is to get as much seat time in as I can and visit other tracks and make more competition. I recently broke my ankle at the qualifier for Mammoth and Loretta but I have been pushing as much as I can to get back on the bike and be 100% before I get back to racing again so I don’t injure myself worse and be out for even longer! It has been rough being off the bike for so long but I am very excited to get at it again this year and be even faster than last year.

Competitive Highlights

   I love the motocross community, it is the best thing that has ever happened to me, getting able to meet all the new people who have the same hobbies as me has been amazing. I have made many friends and competition. It’s so fun to battle it out with friends out on the track and they have pushed me to be my best and have most definitely gotten me faster. I have made so many accomplishments because of them and stuff I would never think I would be able to do. It’s a very good learning experience also, these few years of racing I’ve gotten so much better at everything. I have learned so much in a such short time.