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Rider Updates

May 5 2019

Beau had another solid club day in the 65cc class finishing 1st for the day and extending his championship points.

Feb 3 2019

First club day for the year with Beau scoring 1 ,1,2 to grab 1st outright in the 7 to 9 65cc class. Great result considering he hasn't been on the bike for 2 months.

Nov 25 2018

Last club day for the year Beau ran 4th outright for 2nd in the club championship for the year. Great consistent year. Looking for to next year's season.

Jul 29 2018

Second round of Queensland titles finished with Beau having a solid weekend finishing 6,10,6 on the 50cc for on outright 8th. Good clean ride on the 65cc coming home 20th outright.

Jul 10 2018

First round of the queensland mx titles run, Beau finished 9.9.10. For 9th overall on the 50cc ready for round 2 at his home track. Rough weekend on 65cc, getting mixed up with another riders crash and putting his tooth through his tongue.

Jun 17 2018

Beau had a good run on the 65 in the club day to run 5th overall. Jumping to second in the championship. Needs to work on his corner speed but still riding solid motos.

Apr 22 2018

Beau raced the reef to beef two day series, finishing 5th outright on the 65cc and 3rd on the 50cc. Had a great weekend of racing and showed some true form.

Mar 24 2018

Beau had an average 3rd round Of The Airoh series, first hard pack track for the year didn't suit his riding style. Tried had in both classes and finished every race dispite a big crash at the start with another competitor on the 65. Still had the speed but not as smooth as on the sand tracks.

Mar 18 2018

Beau had a good first club day for the year on the 65, running 6th outright. A couple of small falls but always pushes on and never panics.

Mar 6 2018

Beau had a pretty good second round on a very testing track, running 4th on the 50cc and 19th on the 65. Rode well in both classes.

Feb 17 2018

First round Of The Airoh series and Beau had a mixed day on the 50cc with two 5th places and a dnf. A bike failure while running in 1st was very disappointing for him. A better day on the 65 for his first full year, placing 18th out of 32 riders. Was very proud Of The way he rode.

Jan 23 2018

Beau is all set for the new mx season, racing full time this year on the 65 and 50. Running club days and a couple of series.

Sep 26 2017

Beau is riding hard in the club days, starting to prefer the ktm 65 more than the ktm 50. Picked up his first podium on the 65 with a great ride. Still enjoying his riding and racing more than ever, with talk of moving up to the 85 class soon.

Jul 23 2017

Beau is working hard on his ktm 65, with a few suspension changes he is a lot happier and going faster ever time he rides. Beau lives the bike and is enjoying his racing more than ever.

Jun 18 2017

Beau has had a couple of good club days with some good results. His riding has become very smooth with very few falls which is giving him more confidence. After four weeks racing time for a week off then back to practice, coaching for two weeks then back into a solid race schedule.

Jun 4 2017

Beau has completed the last round of the Airoh series, finishing 12th for the day and 13th for the series. Very proud of his effort and commitment and his continued improvement.

May 21 2017

Beau had a great club day. Was happy to be back in the sand of our local track. Ran a strong 1st on his ktm 50. Then backed it up with a 4th on his ktm 65cc. This was Beaus first race on the 65.

May 13 2017

Beau had a mixed day at round 5 of the Airoh series. First to motos he rode well in the dry, 3rd moto was after heavy rain which Beau struggled in due to a bay tyre choice on the wet sticky track. Tried as hard as he could to keep going. Good result and effort in the end.

Apr 8 2017

Round 3 Airoh series, Beau had a good solid day on a track he hasn't seen before, stayed on the bike all day even after been punted by another rider. Great day on the thick hard pack track.

Mar 18 2017

Beau had a good day on the MPE husqvarna finishing 13th over all. Hard day in testing wet conditions, tried his hardest all day with an overall good result against so fast riders.

Mar 16 2017

Beau has scored a guest ride with the MPE Husqvarna race team for the upcoming Airoh race series round 2. Very excited to get the ride and has trained hard in the lead up for the day.

Feb 6 2017

First club day for the year and Beau struggled with clutch problems but still fought hard and finished a respectful 6th. Beau rode well and stayed on the bike even with a slipping clutch. Was a very hot day and tested his fitness.

Jan 24 2017

2017 and Beau is ready to go go. I have rebuilt both his bikes and the main race bike is run in and primed to go. Missed a training weekend due to the heat but Beau has had a few rides at home. Two weeks and we hit the first club day.

Dec 8 2016

Season finished with Beau getting 2ND for the club championship. His mate Jack 1st. Up and down year with his broken leg a few bike problems but very happy with 2ND and looking forward to next season.

Beau gave it his all and never gave up. Just loves to ride.

Nov 13 2016

Very eventful club day, Beau finished 2ND outright for the day with 2 3RDS and a 1st. 2ND moto he had to push the bike over the finish line due to mechanical problems. Rode very well for the day and had great starts although we chased and bike problem all day. Still a good day with a strong result leading up-to the last club day.

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