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Personal History

I Grew up racing motocross and Supercross. Stopped racing when I joined the military but kept riding, growing up on a farm taught me to work hard for what a wanted and joing the military reinforced that. I Stopped riding for 7 years, moved to Canada and in that time my love for racing has gotten reignited, now getting back into to racing. I was a motocrosser but now have move into enduro and hard enduros, which I am completely focused on to get as good as I can and also help others improve. I have built one of the hardest trails in my area in my back yard which I love bringing people on to train and better there skills.

Riding Goals

To continue to improve and skills are hard enduro, make as little mistakes as possible and to move up to pro in the next year. This year I struggled with fitness which let me down, both races I entered this year I was winning but faded at the end alowing people to pass me. It killed me inside and has made me very determined to get as fit as possible this off season so I can come back stronger then ever.

Competitive Highlights

This year was my first year racing enduro and only my 3rd year riding hard enduro. So I was pretty happy to come away with a second place in my first race in expert and to know exactly why I didn't win. Which gives me something to concentrate on for next season.