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Personal History

I live in Wilmington, NC where my Dad grew up. He rode/raced locally when he was a kid. I LOVE dirt bikes. When I was 5, I asked my Dad to get me a 4 wheeler and he got us both one. We went riding and it was fun, but we both wanted a dirt bike, so we traded the 4 wheels in for 2. I turned 6 and got my first dirt bike. I will never look back!! I like to go to the beach, just started surfing. Riding my bike is all I want to do when I can't ride my motorcycle. My Dad and I love to watch Supercross and Motocross on TV. Ryan Dungey has always been my favorite rider. Always will be. I was so happy when he went out on top!! I wish he was still racing. 

Riding Goals

I started on a TTR50. Then I got a KTM 50 SX JR PRO LC. I LOVE KTM!!!!! My Daddy wishes it didn't break down all the time but I still love them. Just recently I got a 2018 KTM SXS!!! It is awesome. More than ANYTHING, I want to be a pro rider!! I am racing and getting better all the time. I want to work on my jumps and do a whip. Dungey was a world Champion that won a lot, and wasn't cocky. I want to be even better than my hero, and just as humble.

Competitive Highlights

First race ever was in a BIG rain storm! I got 3rd.

Second race I got 2nd.

Third Race I got 1st! My first win!! 

2017 CCMX Fall Series 7-8yr old 50cc Class Champion