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Personal History

When I was a child, I traveled alot to different motosports events all over different counties, watching my dad race. I would say it is in my blood. I started out at the age of five on a Honda 50 three wheeler, which peaked my interest of riding. My riding envolved around in the yard and any kind of ditch, or hill I could climb. The age of one years old, I had watched my dad race for many years at every moto race events, from fairs, different tracks mostly Casey Illinois. I had always seen him finish in the top five of his class. I would run over and grab his trophy from every race, and knew what it took to win. Being around him and going to watch him race peaked my intereste in riding and in racing quads. At the age of 10 I had gotten my first real fourwheeler for Christmas. It was 1996 LT80, with gloves and my first helmet. I couldn't wait to get it out in the snow and ride and climb the steapest hill I could find. My first real race was in Christney Illinois, I placed 4th. I was then hooked and wanted more. Went to racing at all the flat track races at all the county fairs, where I would place in the top five or so. I would go to any races I could or do anything just to get on my bike and ride as much as possible. I pushed my self to move to the top, and suceed. It didn't matter what place I came in, I was happy that I could get on my bike and feel the rush of trying to do the best at winning. This helped me in learning from my mistakes and to do what it takes to be a better rider. I finally out grew my 80 and getting a tast of many different quads we had owned over the years, and I knew I had to move up to something that had alot more power. I had gotten a 96 350 Banchee for my sixteened Birthday. I would again run flatrack races in the summer and indoor in the winter many of those races where down south in Kentucky. I would alway finish in the top three or mostly number one. I always brought home a trophy from every race. Moving up to a bigger bike meant going faster, and running more races and more experiece. This was improving my skill and motivating me to do better each time I got on a track. I also had a track at home my dad built for me and would practice as much as I good to make me be the best at what I love to do. I would enter any quad races that I could find. I used to drag race my Banchee down at newhope raceway. My dad built a wheelie bar. I used racing fuel that made me go even faster, I liked the idea of going faster. I cant think of anything else that I would rather be doing. Racing is my passion and I want to do what ever it takes to get to the top to be noticed. I will do what ever it takes to fulfill my dreams of becoming the best at this sport. I race for many years racing motocross and have never gotten hurt until July 2006 was when I had my accident racing at Illinois at Lincoln Trail. I had flipped my bike breaking my hand. I couldnt race for the rest of the year. After I had heeled up, I went back their to run another motocross race. I just lost the interest in this kind of racing and was looking for something more challenging and more competitive. I entered my first Mid America HairScramble here in my hometown of Bloomfield, it was just up the road from my house. This was Memorial Day weekend, I know the date Saturday May 29th, 2010. I was hooked for sure. I ran in the Junior C class where I had plaed 3rd, not to bad just running my first Hairscramble. Then I had to find out when the next event was, and had gotten a schedual so I wouldn't miss the next event. I feel that I have achieved everything I have set out to do. I want to be a professional rider to be known for my ability and sportsmanship. I want to be on top, this is my dream that I have wanted all my life, and will do what it takes to move to the top.

Riding Goals

I plan on running as many series as possible. My goal is to finish top 5 considering I don't have any break downs.


Competitive Highlights

2011 MAXC B+25 Champion 2011 B 21-29 AMA National HS 2011 AMA National HS 9th Overall