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Personal History

I just recently moved to Northern California from Ottawa Canada and I am competing in AMA, CMC, AMP, TWMX race series. I am 12 years old and I am riding for Team Green with a 2014 KX 85 and a 2014 KX 100.

Racing Background:
I became interested in the sport of motocross
at the age of seven and started racing the
following year. Over the past 5 yrs. I have
trained very hard, both on and off the track
and I have made significant progress
each year. I recently was recently accepted into
Kawasaki Green Team program and will race
both a Kawasaki 2014 KX85 and a KX100.
I am lucky to have great support from my
family and I can promise you that I will commit
to doing what it takes to achieve my goals
for the 2013/14 race season. My greatest
mentor is my Dad in that he strives to be the
best that he can be, both professionally and
personally and this has proven to me that you
can succeed at whatever you want to in life if
you want it bad enough and are prepared to do
what it takes to succeed.


Riding Goals

GOALS FOR the 2013/14 SEASON:

To compete in the World Minis at Glen Helen
To compete at Loretta's in 2015
To compete at Mammoth in 2015
To win the Nor-Cal Muscle Milk Cup 85cc 12-13 class
To win the CMC Golden State 85cc intermediate class and open mini class

I plan to continue in the sport of motocross. I
would like to be part of a professional race
team. In terms of education, I have a long
way to go yet, but I definitely want to get the
best education that I can in order to be
successful at whatever I choose to do in the

Competitive Highlights

CMRC Ironman Series:
1st place 85cc 7-11 class (undefeated)
5th place - Supermini 12-16
MMRS National Championships
1st place 85cc 7-11 class
Canadian Nationals:
5th place 85cc 7-11 class


17 Mammoth 85cc 12-13
6th Vurb Classic 85cc 12-14
1st 85cc Intermediate CMC Summer Series
1st 85cc Open CMC Summer Series
1st 85cc Supermini CMC Summer Series
7th Dodge Classic 85cc 12-14
11 Dodge Classic 85cc Open