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Personal History

Well my names Blake I'm 15 years of age, I have one brother 2 sisters, mum and dad, and I have a pretty normal life, well i have to hand it all to my dad for making me have a good life, because he's the only person ever taking me out and helping me out on weekend riding (every weekend) with out dad I don't know we're I would be, I certainly wouldn't be here. But also to mum for getting my clothes and gear ready for me to ride and putting a nice feed in my stomach. My favourite things I like doing is going to the skatepark with mates, riding skateboards, going to rip at the local track, and help work with my dad, and work at my own personal job (kfc). 

Riding Goals

My riding goals are to get a good position in hattah this year, and hopefully stay in top 10. I think I'm capabel enough for that, and also just to have a good year of riding all round, with out injuring or damging my bikes. Why I started riding? I have always loved bikes because I used to see how Toby price James Stewart and Chad reed ride and I always wanted to be like them. I have always wanted to become pro and just do something I love doing. when I was about 8 my dad got me my first yz80 and we used to go out every weekend and I'd just rip around, I always used to ask dad if I could start motocross but dad didn't have the money for it, so I started to save it only took me 6 months and all up I saved about $600 that brought me a Ma licence, and from that day on I have just been riding.

Competitive Highlights

I have come thirds and seconds in nearly all my races I got rider of the year and most improved rider, I got prince of the desert an iron man award, fastest there and back, and more.