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Personal History

My name is Bobby Wallace and I love racing and riding.  I race motocross, cross country and arenacross. I have spent 1 week trail riding in the mountains in Colorado the past four summers.  I am an A/B student and I am a eaith grader. I like to bike, play airsoft, paintball, and work on my dirt bike. I have been riding dirt bikes for 7 years and racing for 6.

I finished third place for the season in TORO cross country series last year in the 65cc A class.

I only have one dog, Benie. He is a beagle.  I have been told I am a good, hard worker.

 Most of the people I know are jelous of my dirt bike career and the girls I get.

My dad asked me one day if when I get a girl will I quit? I said if my girl wants to see me then she has to go to my races! It still is true.   

I have been attending a program called Kick Start Kids for 3 years and I'm currently a green belt and have been working very hard in it. The belt system is: White, Gold, Purple, Orange, Blue, green, Red, Red-black, Black, and Black digrees which define how skilled of an instructor you are. Ounce you become a tenth degree you receve your black red belt [masters belt]. There are only 10 digrees that have ever been acheved. First they were acheved by Chuck Norris. But others have masterd this too. I intend on mastering more stripes than him by going around the world and learning.

In karate ive lerned several weapons; kamas, sais, and bow stalf.

for a year now vie been in a demo team called citywide; its put together by the best students in the district. Our citywide has the most students in the entire history of ksk demo teams; 60 members from purple to black belts.

Riding Goals


  1. This year I want to win the 85 C and tccra B class.
  2. To get more trophys and sponsers.
  3. Win TORO for the first time.
  4. To win my karate tournaments up to state.
  5. to achieve victory by winning the state championship.


Competitive Highlights

  1. One of my highlights is I don't back down.
  2. Another is that I give 100% at race time. 
  3. I finished 2nd place for the 2008-2009 TORO cross country series and again in 2009-2010 in a higher class 2010-2011 i finished 3rd place in the A class.
  4. I have several 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place trophies. They are huge!
  5. I can take and deliver force passes.
  6. I am a good sport.
  7. I don't get distrated during race time.