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Personal History

I am 38 years old and run a small family owned and operated chemical company. I was introduced to motorbikes at the age of 5 and have been on them ever since. In 1998, I met a close friend from Westlock, AB who was a National Pro Sno-Cross and Motocross racer. I started racing and have been doing it ever since, until 2005 when I fractured two vertebrae in my back, after a year and a half of physio, and rehab, I am back riding again.

The past few years I have been looking to get more involved in helping grow the sport of Motocross up here in Alberta. In 2015 I became the Vice President of the Alberta Oldtimers Motocross Association and continued in that position for 4 years. From there I had a few parents at the track asking me to put on some riding clinics and private lessons for their kids who were wanting to get into the sport of Motocross. From there I started the Seven1 Racing Ride Schools. I began running a few for the local riders up here and in 2019 I was able to bring up riding coach Ryan Hughes to put on a school for the racers up here. 2020 we put on 10 successful camps for the riders up here, teaching approximately 120 different students that summer. Many of which decided to try out racing with the ADRA series. 2020 I was nominated and asked to join the board of Directors for the Alberta Dirt Riders Association and we were able to work with government authorities and put together an 8 round race series. Since then I have been an active member on the ADRA board and continue to help the club put on races across the province. In 2022 my wife and I registered Seven1 Racing as a full on business, we purchased 10 acres of land and are continuting to teach and train riders in Alberta. 

My main goals now with racing are getting my kids involved as well as maintaining a high caliber of racing for myself. I also will be continuing to put on ride schools for riders up here in hopes that we can continue to build our sport back up.

Riding Goals

Just looking to have fun and be competitive. I started the Seven1 Racing team in 2013, and after 10 years have established a great team with an awesome group of riders and sponsors. At Seven1 Racing our main goal is to be competitive while maintaining a positive and fun atmosphere in the pits as well as on the track to help grow the sport. In 2019 we ran our first ever Ride School featuring Ryan Hughes as the instructor, it went off with great success and we were able to put on 10 sessions for over 120 riders up here in 2020. We are continuting to grow each year, and taught more then 200 riders in 2023.

My main goals now with racing are supporting my 2 daughters through their race career, as well as maintaining a high caliber of racing for myself. My wife and I will be looking to continue to grow our Seven1 Ride Schools and further delvelope our training facility up here in Canada.

Competitive Highlights

CMRC Provincial Champion in 2002,

Top 15 in CMRC Junior A years after.

10th overall +25C Washougal Amateur National 2012

12th overall 250C Washougal Amateur National 2012 

12th overall in +30C Washougal Amateur National 2016

3rd overall International Oldtimers Motocross (Antler Lake, AB) +30 Expert 2016

1st Overall AOTMX +30 Expert 2016

5th Overall AOTMX +30 Expert 2017

4th Overall AOTMX +30 Expert 2018

5th Overall ADRA/MRC MX2 Intermediate 2019

4th Overall ADRA/MRC Vet Master 2019

7th Overall AOTMX +30 Expert 2019

4th Overall ADRA (MRC) MX1 Intermediate 2020

1st Overall ACM (MRC) 450 Intermediate 2022

2nd Overall ACM (MRC) Vet Master 2022

2nd Overall ACM (MRC) Open Intermediate 2023

6th Overall ACM (MRC) Vet Master 2023