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Personal History

My name is Bobby Panarisi, I am 15 years old and have been racing for over 9 years. I started riding in 2007 on a Suzuki 50, then racing on a KTM trailblazer 50. I have since moved up and now race Schoolboy and 250 B either on my Yamaha YZ 125 or 250. I am a full time student at Mooresville High School, taking honors classes with a 3.8 GPA. I hope to graduate college with a degree in a form of Engineering, and continue riding the rest of my life.

Riding Goals

I plan on racing in my regional area instead of competing nationally in the past.  I am planning on moving my way up the ranks of motocross and gain pro points and possibly get my pro card by 17 years old. I have taken a step back from the national aspect of things, and have been focusing on the sport itself, helping out little kids and just enjoying the track experience.

Competitive Highlights

My past racing career has been plagued with some injuries, bit I have qualified for Loretta Lynns 2010, just for me to injure my arm. I placed top 15 in Schoolboy 1/ 125 B/C in 2015 during my last year of chasing nationals in regionals.