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Rider Updates

Sep 25 2019

Hello all,

 I am looking forward to racing the 2020 season along the mid atlantic. My son Cru is now old enough to start racing the 4-6 class and I am happy to be getting back into it after taking a slight break to be a Dad. I look forward to establishing some great relationships with sponsors old and new. As always thank you for the continued support and great products you offer!


-Brad Darlington


Jan 20 2015

 Hello All,

 I want to thank my 2014 ponsors for the support they provided. I am please to announce that my wife and I had a Baby this year. WHile it derailed my motocross for one season i am very excited for the season after season we will be enjoying together moving forward. My son will have his first exposure to motocross this year and i hope he enjoys it as much as i do. I look forward to supporting your brands in 2015 on and off the track in 2015. Thank you MX SPonsor for giving Riders like me the opportunity to connect with big name sponsors and obtain what used to be impossible for a local rider who isnt winning every race. (yet)


Nov 21 2013

I am already looking forward to the 2014 season. I keep checking the local tracks for winter series but no such luck. The plan is to Ride at least 2 times per month over the winter at a track and weekly at my home turn track. Hopefully the newborn baby doesn't knock me too far off track. I want to be a top 3 rider consistantly in 2014 B class by end of season. That is the goal

Apr 28 2008

I am writing today to give an update as I am 1/3 of the way through the series. The headline is consistency because that is what has been working so far. Riding the different tracks has been a great way to learn how to ride in different terrain. I have noticed a huge difference in my speed and confidence on the track. I wasn’t sure I would have a chance at the beginning of the year since this is my first season racing. I started much later than anyone I talk to. My goal at the beginning of the season was to finish top 5 overall in each race. Now after the 4th race of a 12 race season I have finished 5th over all in 2 races and I also racked up 2nd and 1st place finishes that put me in the lead for the series! I am quickly finding out that even if you are not the fastest guy on the track if you show up to as many races as possible you will start to catch the ones who are! They miss a race or crash out and boom you are up a few points. The consistency of not riding over your head, and just trying to get better every race has taken me from not even knowing if I belong in the 25+ class; to leading it in points 1/3 of the way through the season. I am definitely not the most talented rider, absolutely not the most experienced rider, and I am out matched almost every race, but I am dedicated, and I try to learn from the lines of the faster guys. So far it is working better than I could have imagined.

Jan 14 2008

A much needed upgrade! Since getting back into the sport 2 years ago i have probably spend $3000.00 on my 1995 KX 250. I know I know I could have bought something way better than a 1995 KX 250 for $3K but i didn't have the $3k all at once so i had to pick up a junker and fix it as i went. I wanted it as a steppng stone and it actually competed with 450's in my moto's. I placed 4th overall out of 12 and I was the only 2 stroke. My ability has come to a point where the bike is holding me back so i went out and spoiled myself with the CRF450r. The weather has been bad on the east but i should be taking it out in the next few weeks to break it in!