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Personal History

My name is Brad Gunn, I am 18 years old and motocross is my life. I hope to one day go pro, that is my primary goal right now. I have a great family, they all support me very much. I ride a CRF 250R, I did have a CRF 450R as well but it is currently for sale. I do as much racing as I possibly can. Unfortunately I broke my foot one week before the Loretta Lynn qualifiers so i was not able to make it to those, but next year I will for sure!

Riding Goals

Some of my goals for this upcoming year are mostly to qualify for Loretta's. With that being the largest ametuer race in the world, I would love to be able to qualify and compete in it and take that next step closer to turning pro. Another goal for this upcoming year is to win the three series' that I compete in locally, the Sandia State Series, the HDRC series, and the Bull Hollow series. If I could achieve those goals I would be more than happy!

Competitive Highlights

I do not really have many competitive highlights, I just began racing again last August and things really did not start clicking speed wise until about this February at the Arenacross I raced. So that Arenacross would definately be one of the highlights. Another highlight would probably be my first win of the year back in April, it was really exciting.