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Personal History

My father,Tom, passed away from cancer on the 23rd of December... I dont know how i can manage to get good grades in school when i have to deal with things like that. Before he passed away my parents got a divorce, I was only 11 at this time, I started getting in trouble and getting bad grades... it definately wasn't a good year for me. Things started to come back for me when i got a girlfriend she helped raise my self esteem. Unfortunately a half a year later she moved and we had to break up with me... my life was not in good standings at this point. I started riding motocross more and more and more because it took my mind off of things. I need motocross to survive because without it im nothing.

Riding Goals

I will do whatever I possibly can to get the first place trophie, I get rather upset if i do not get first place. I think it is a good thing to be unsatisfied with yourself as a rider; you feel like you need to do better mentally and physically. My main goal is to go pro one day and ride for a factory team. I need some sponsors because my money is getting tight and its just getting too hard to pay for all this stuff that i need to race. I would love it to have just a couple sponsors!

Competitive Highlights

I love to race against faster and or older riders than me because I get better trying to keep up with the other riders.I usually have a great race with another rider that is usually faster than me but i ALWAYS pass them right before the finish line for the win! Whenever I lose i am always a good sport to the other rider that beat me and will say "god job man nice race!".