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Personal History

I started riding dirtbikes when I was 5 years old, ripping a small pitbike around the house with my dad. I have always loved dirtbikes and have always loved the idea of racing. When I was about 10 i got my next dirtbike witch was a TTr125 and when I was 15 I bought a new bike witch is a 2006Honda CRF450R and at the end of December lst year I signed myself up for New England MX and WSP so this year will be my first time racing. All the money that I put into motocross comes mostly from the money I make working on farms and some from my parents. I just bought my newest bike for racing witch is a 2016 Honda CRF250R and has all kinds of racing stuff on it. -this was for 2019

IN 2019 I raced the WSP series and a race at Southwick Mx had a blast. My season was cut short at the end of summer when I hit a jump and something happened(I dont remember hat happened because I hit my head so hard I don't remember anything from the start of the race till the time I came back in the hospital)  And I landed on my head and sustained a savere cuncussion. 

MY goals for this year have somewhat stayed the same but have altered a bit. Coming into this season now that I have alot better understanding of racing and things that play into it and what I need to do to ensure I do well. So my goals for this year is to really push myself and go to the practice track twice a week (tuesdays and thursdays) and then race on the weekends.

Riding Goals

This year I want to I want to practice as much as I can and train with whoever I can. My goal is to improve myself as much I can to make up for the years that the other guys have on me and work and push myself to be the best racer I can make myself. 

Competitive Highlights

None YET!