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Personal History

I'm  18 and motocross is still what I love to do most.! I am in grade12, and as it's my last year of school I  am goin to try to make the most of this upcoming race season. During the last year in the CMRC racing series I had some very good races. I placed first in a 4 of races and usually placed in the top 5 for the rest. There were times when I crashed but overall I was happy with my riding and results in the intermediate class. I am trying to help my parents out  financially with my racing this year as it is a very expensive sport.. I am very focused on improving my skills and becoming a better athlete. I have made lasting friendships with so many of the people who ride and are involved in this sport, and I am grateful for all the sacrifices my parents have made to help me continue racing. Without sponsorship we wouldn't be able to afford a lot of the parts or gear, and I probably wouldn't be able to attend as many races. I plan to continue racing and promoting this great sport to everyone I me

Riding Goals

I will be riding Pro MX2 and really hope to win that class. I am going to have some tough competition, but plan to practice a lot, and work on my riding. My family is also planning to attend the Western Canadian Amatuer Championship at Raymond Alberta this summer, I would love to do well in that race as well. I want to have fun with all of my racing friends,  learn lots and improve my skills.

Competitive Highlights

I have been getting better results every year that i have been riding. When I started at 11, I was happy to get 14th -16th place. The next year I was getting top 10, and the last full year that I raced I consistantly got top 5 in my class, in my province. Last year I won my Intermediate class in the province of Saskatchewan.