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Personal History

I started riding when I was 4 yrs. old on a 50cc four-wheeler. I went to a 70cc trailbike and then a 100cc trailbike. In 2013 I got my first race bike a KTM 85sx and started racing it in 2014. My family has started HD Racing for my little brother( who is 3yrs old and rides a kawasaki 50) and me, I’m very thankful they are trying their best to give me the opportunity to follow my dream. I have love and passion to ride, it’s in my heart. I practice every chance I get and have also been training with Super/Motocross racer Jeff Alessi and will continue to train with him throughout the race season to improve my skills as a racer. Each race I get a little faster and jump and little higher but have a blast while doing it. I am driven and have the desire to keep pushing myself to my limits this race season and race seasons to come. I would like to be sponsored by a company such as yours to help me achieve my dream. 

DOB                  4/13/04
Age:                   11
Weight:              110    
Height:                5’4”
Grade:                 6th
Academically:    A/B student
Race #:              15 
Years Racing:     2
Bike:                     2004 KTM 85sx
2015 classes:     Mini Jrs. and Super Minis

Riding Goals

I have progressed greatly in my first year racing in the Mini Champ Series and the Roostin on the River Series. I have recently added a new track to my racing schedule, Fast Traxx, and took home a 1st place overall, I will continue to raise the bar at this track as well as the other 2 tracks for the 2015 race season to make myself the best racer I can be. My short term goal and dream is to qualify and race at Loretta Lynns. My long term goal is to make it as far as I can with my racing career, of course with keeping good grades and going to college, I plan to race on weekends and strive at all I do. Our family plan is to hopefully buy a 2016 KTM 85 so I can have a practice bike and a race bike. My race bike will then always be ready at top performance to bring home a win. If you choose to sponsor me, monthly, yearly, special discounts or a one-time sponsorship, I will advertise your company by using your stickers on my bike, jersey, equipment, product display and/or being placed on a banner. I will also include your name on any sponsorship lists at the tracks. My family and I will recommend you to others, always give my 110% on and off the track as well as in my preparation and training. I will always show good sportsmanship in losing and winning. I will show loyalty to your company by exposure and recognition. I look forward to working with you now and in the future.

Competitive Highlights

My first year of racing I was the champion and received a iron man award at Fly Mx Park which is the Roostin on the River series. I'm working toward winning it again this year along with the other series. I know its not all about winning but it is my drive.