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Rider Updates

Apr 30 2016

Awesome day at Reno Rcaeway!! took home a 1st place.. thanks to all my sponsors for keeping me on top my game, especially my mom and dad!!

Apr 7 2016

Raced my first race of the year at the Malvern opener, had a bad spill in my 1st moto but placed 5th in my 2nd. Ready for Mx213 next weekend.

Feb 14 2016

Gearing up to head out to NC this weekend to MX421, Its gonna be a sick weekend!! BRAAAPPP

Feb 7 2016

Gearing up for the 2016 season, we are building a personal  track to keep me on top of my game. Im excited to get this season started.

Nov 15 2015

Had some awesome seat time today at Fly Mx Park!! Today was there last practice for the season looking into some indoor tracks to keep my skills up on bike until next spring, in the mean time Braapp on!!

Sep 27 2015

It has been a great year!! I took 3rd overall for the Mini Champ Series and 2nd overall for the Roostin on the River series. I still have a few races left this season just trying out different tracks. I can not wait to see what next season brings!!

Aug 27 2015

I had a awesome start to this past weekend, my parents surprised me with a 2016 KTM 85!! I'm very excited that it is finally broke in and I will be racing it this weekend at the last Battle of Ohio at Briarcliff. My last Mini Champ Race was Saturday and I had a bad day, did not get to race the 1st Moto due to my 2004 KTM having issues but I did ride my new bike in the 2nd Moto only at 70% though..for the break in period. I still finished with a 3rd overall for the Mini Champ Series. Ready for the Weekend!! BRAAAPPP

Aug 21 2015

I'm super pumped to race tom!! Its the last race for the Mini Champ Series. Giving a shout out to all my sponsors for keeping me and my bike in top shape. Also, sending a shout out to my parents they surprised me with 2016 KTM 85 today, without them I wouldn't be were I'am today!!

Aug 17 2015

I had a bad weekend at The battle for Ohio round 2 at Malvern. I pulled good holeshots accomplished my first up hill triple. I rode hard and my best but went down in both motos. I don't think I was 100% from last weekends crash, but I finished my motos with a 19th overall. My plan is to get some practice in this week to be more prepared for the last round of The Mini Champ Series!!

Aug 10 2015

I unfortunately did not get to race this past Sunday... I took a hard wreck at Saturdays practice and have a concussion so no racing for me for about a week. I will however be ready for this weekends race, Battle of Ohio 2 at Malvern. I plan on taking it easy this week to get healed up and be ready to rip this weekend!!

Aug 7 2015

I'm super pumped for this weekends race at Fly MX Park!! Getting in a little practice today.. thanks to my sponsors for helping me keep my game strong. Braaappp Braaappp

Jul 29 2015

My trainer Jeff Alessi and I tore it up at Fly Mx park tonight, no races this weekend but I'm beyond ready for the August 9th race at Fly MX!! I will be learning some new training skills this week to stay active to be on top my game at the track. Shout out to all my sponsors and my parents they are my biggest supporters, I'll never be able to thank them enough.

Jul 26 2015

What a awesome weekend of racing!! Finished 1st overall for the Mini Champ Series and 4th overall in the Fast Traxx SX. Have about a week break from races but will be training and practicing to be on top my game. Shoutout to my sponsors Atlas, Twin Air, Answer, Matrix Concepts, 1.7, ODI, Ogio, and Decalworks!

Jul 20 2015

Great weekend of racing! Saturday Mini Champ series finished 2nd overall in Mini Jrs. and 4th in Mini Seniors. Sunday for Roostin on the River Series finished 3rd overall in Mini Jrs and 5th overall in Mini Seniors. Shoutout to my sponsors for making me and bike ready to tear up some track time!! #ogio #answer #twinair #odi#matrixconcepts#1.7#atlas#decalworks

Jul 14 2015

I rode in my first AMA race this past weekend (Battle for Ohio) and finished 19th out of 35!! Not the best but I was pretty happy with it. It showed me what I have to do step up my skills and get on top of my game. Want to give a shout out to Ogio, Twin Air, Answer, Matrix Concepts, 1.7, ODI and Atlas Thanks for your support!  Big weekend of racing this weekend Mini Champs and Fly. BRAAAP BRAAPPP