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Personal History

Hello every one :) I'm Brandon I have had A lot happen in my life from being bullied to my loved ones dying struggling through school and going to a bunch of counseling, but the absolute one thing that can get my mind off of it all is riding weather is the trails or on the track riding is my life when I jump on my bike and kick it over I go into a complete different world I have a heart for riding its not about if I can get a fast lap time or find a faster way around trees or jump higher its all about enjoyment and having fun I love to ride and one day I really STRONGLY hope I can make it big ! I have been on a bike ever since I was 5 I had a little honda 87 50 that I would ride EVERY SINGLE day I was simply born to ride and I love every second of it riding bikes have made me the person I am today and I wouldn't change that for any thing I have been sponsored by rocket exhaust and axo metal before Thank you Brandon king

Riding Goals

I ride because it makes me feel free like I'm on top of the world and nothing will bring me down it simple makes me high on life and that feeling I get wen I rip on the throttle is irreplaceable I love riding more than I love wrestling riding has been in my family for years apon years in these next few years I want to get know better I wanna take a sponsor and tell my friends hey this is a great product you all should get so things and I want to PROUDLY wear my sponsor logos not just on shirts but my bike too weather its oneal fmf rocket exhaust or axo metal protaper ect. I wanna make my sponsors feel like they sponsored the right person

Competitive Highlights

I only have one major goal it is to be ALL I CAN BE at riding and make my sponsors proud !!!!!!