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Personal History

My name is Brandon Dawson I am 12 years old and I live in NItro,Wv.  I race every weekend and ride at my track every day during the week. I race a 2009 yamaha yz85. I got two 2007 models that i use one as main practice bike and the other is a main backup bike but i practice on both. When i get home from school the first thing i do is change into my gear and fill the bikes up with gas and I normally dont stop riding until the bike is out of gas hahaha.  Well as you can tell I love to ride but I love to watch also, every time when i get off the track i take off my boots and put my shoes on then get my chair and drink and go watch. My favorite class to watch is 125 A/pro and 250 A/pro. I like the 125 and 250b also. I normally jump anything you put in front of me thats what helps me out. If theres a jump most kids in my class arent doing than I do because I know i can gain some time. But that covers most of it the main thing is I love and live to ride.

Riding Goals

Some of my goals for next year are the Loretta lynns qaulifiers. I will try to make at Wildcat creek in Indianapolis first. Then I will be going to Fastraxx. Then the last try will be crow canyon. I will be running 12-13 stock and mod.  My other goals would be the hotrods point series in Jackson Ohio this winter. My main goal is to stay safe and have fun but mainly if i am getting behind which normally dont happen but dont give up you should ride your hardest the whole time and have fun. the other goals are just do my best at the little races.

Competitive Highlights

Last year at a local track when I was running 85 7-11 I was the only one in the class and there were only 3 in the 125 c class this was my first time running there but for some reason they put my class and 125c together but any way when the gate dropped one guy stalled his bike and i got the holeshot and the two 125s were right behind me so we went into the staight stretch and they were right on my when we came to a corner the freakin guy took me out it was just alittle tap he said after words but anyway i got the bike up and man was I mad when I got goin I couldnt stop I was flyin I hit every triple, double,single everything and when I am mad i ride really hard but I was almost a lap down and I caught up theres an 85ft triple and i was right behind them and i jumped it but they didnt so I layed down a huge tailwhip and looked back at my dad got it on video it was awesome.  I have alot more highlites but i dont like to type.