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Personal History

Im 17 im a very layed back person love to have fun riding and racing motocross. I try to make riding as fun as possible, but i take it very seriously when i know i need to consintrate on improving something to become faster. I promote all my sponsors to the fullest i tell friends to buy their products and tell random people i dont even know to buy their products. I race the 250f B and 450f B classes. I started riding when i was eleven and started racing when i was thirteen on 85's.

Riding Goals

This coming year im taking very seriously. I had alot of set backs last year at the begining of the season i broke my left wrist from a nasty crash in the whoops. Then i broke my right ankle 2 weeks after that at area 330. Im at 100% now though and im really excited for the up coming season im in great physical shape from training over the off season. I hope to get alot of support and get alot of good results.

Competitive Highlights

One of my competitive highlights was when i was on 85's and this one kid would beat me every weekend and I'd go home and practice and practice then i finally beat him after i set my mind to beat him.

Another one of my favorite highlights is the first time i every raced a big bike was in the 250f B class, because i got put straight in B class off an 85. And the first race i entered in B class i got second and i was soo happy because i was really nervous and it was my first time racing a big bike.