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Personal History

Hi I am Brandon Spatz from McCook, Nebraska, I race the 250 c and the 450 c open in our local motocross circuit in Nebraska. It all started when my dad raced dirt track stock cars back in the day and raced until the early 2000s then he had to stop because it was getting expensive and he has a trucking business for hauling cars for car dealerships all over the states. I have always wanted to ride a dirt bike and race ever since I was six or seven years old even though we always went to the car races every Friday night to watch the race cars . I always had a passion for motocross and finally in the spring of 2014 I got a 2003 crf150f trail bike and then upgraded to a kdx220 enduro and then after a couple months my dad got a yz250 two stroke. After a summer of riding the yz and jumping canyon jumps I told my dad that I want a 250 four stroke so I can start racing.

We went to go watch a local motocross race for the first time ever to see what it was like. A day after the race my dad bought me a 2004 Honda crf250r and we raced the next weekend which was the last race of the season and I got like 3rd or 4th to last in the 250 c class. The next racing season in 2015 I got a job at age 16 and was racing every race and riding as much as I can every week and decided I wanted to be serious and get the bike that I want and four months into my job I purchased a 2011 Honda crf250r and raced the rest of the season with it and sold it and bought a brand new 2016 kx250f and now I got the dream bike that i have always wanted and now currently racing it hard for points in the 250 c and 450 c open classes.

Riding Goals

I practice just as if I am racing as much as I can mostly every weekend if there isn't a race. I hope to be at least 5th or 6th for overall year end points in the 250 c and 450 c open classes. In a few years I hope to be able to be racing in the b classes hopefully soon within the next two years.

Competitive Highlights

In the future I hope to race the area qualifiers.