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Personal History


I am a student at Ranken Technical College in St. Louis MO.I also enjoy riding and working on my dirtbike and currenttly hold a job at UPS and American TV and Furniture. From the time I
got my first dirtbike until now, I am always looking for ways to improve
my bike to make it better. I became interested in dirtbikes when I was
4 years old and have followed the sport the majority of my life. I enjoy
practicing for races because it seems that I always learn something new
everytime I ride. I watch motocross every chance I can to try to capture
some of the pros techniques so that I can hone in on my own skills. I am
a member at BET (Belleville Enduro Team) Belleville, Illinois, where I
ride the track and trails at least 2-3 times a week.  I love competition
and am looking forward to the next race. I hate losing so I strive and
practice hard so I will come out on top.  When I'm not riding or it is
not football season, I have started a lawncare business with a friend,
that so far, is doing well. I enjoy spending time with my friends and I
always look forward to new positive experiences.

Riding Goals

I just want to continue to get better each and every time I go out on the track.