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Personal History




To continuously improve my natural talent as a motocross racer by giving my very best during practice time and to build my confidence and the confidence of my peers by using the top safety gear available, by portraying good sportsmanship and by being a role model for motocross' vision to instill important life lessons in young racers.

Fearless, Determined, Hardworking and a little bit Motocross Obsessed- My name is Brant McFadden and I am a 7 year old beginner Motocross racer from Gonzales, Louisiana. Motocross is by far my number 1 talent and passion. Santa brought me my first dirt bike, a Honda 50 CRF, last year for Christmas and I started racing just a month later in January 2014! I spend every weekend at the track- learning, practicing, helping my dad work on my bike and meeting new friends. This past summer, I got a new bike and am now proudly riding a KTM 50 SX. So far I have competed in 5 races in 2 different states (Louisiana, and Texas) and although I have little experience and have never been professionally trained, I earned a 2nd place finish at Full Throttle in Hammond, Louisiana. I am determined to perfect my racing skills no matter what it takes and my dream is to one day become the next Ryan Villopoto! 

Currently, I am in 1st grade at a private school in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where I excel in Academics and always receive superior conduct grades. People describe me as a super tough all boy with a sensitive heart and love for helping others succeed. I know that I have to continue to make beyond satisfactory grades and continue to put my school work first in order to have lifelong success in Motocross and I have promised to do nothing short of that. In my spare time, I can always be found watching motocross videos or how to fix dirt bikes tutorials or outside working on perfecting my own KTM. Call me obsessed but I eat, sleep, breathe, dream Motocross and becoming an intelligent, respected, confident and all around awesome racer is my goal that I will achieve no matter what it takes!