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Personal History

My name is Brason. I am 5 years old. I started riding at 2 1/2 yrs old on a KDX 50cc. This is my first year racing for District 17.

Racing has given me the opportunity to learn and to meet new friends. Every race has given me new challenges but I have the heart and the will to overcome them. My Mom and Step dad sees my passion for this sport and has been my best supporters! I strive to get better everyday and to continue to never give up. 


Riding Goals

I hope to get my first win by the end of the season but also to keep having fun, to keep learning, and to never give up!

When I turn 7 I want to race in Supercross with the little KTM kids.

Competitive Highlights

I only raced 3 times and they have been really fun!! All my races are highlights because it's been different every race.