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Personal History

Hey my name is Brea Core! (BREE-uh KOR)

I am a 26 year old Arizona native that started racing at the end of 2018. I am very active on my bike and plan on racing the entire AMRA series for the 2020 season in the Women’s B class, as well as any AZOP, WORCS, and RMEC races that do not conflicts with the AMRA schedule.

I ride 1-3 times a week and love every second of it. I am not your average female rider or racer- I take my riding and bike maintenance particularly serious and love what I am doing. To the core love riding, trying sketchy lines, and finding the gnarly single track here in Arizona. Dirt bike riding is more than a hobby; it is truly a passion for me! Riding has taken me places I never would have seen and introduced me to people I may have never met otherwise. I love new challenges, new trails, new faces, and even new bikes!

I am currently riding and racing a 2007 YZ125. I like to live outside of the norm and seek to be starkly different than my competitors. I found a lot of opposition and many folks have something to say about the small bore bike in the tight technical stuff. If I were being honest, I would like to prove that any bike will work if you have it setup correctly and focus on your skills. I firmly believe in the motto 80% rider, 20% bike- and would like to prove this by achieving results on a "less than ideal" bike in this race series.

Meanwhile, I have started riding and setting up my next enduro-focused bike, a GasGas EC300. I am super excited for this bike and what it holds in the future for my riding and racing.

I know I am a great rider and woman to represent the awesome companies and products I ride and race with all the time, because I can reach an audience that others might not- Women!

That is my story! Thank you for reading

Riding Goals

Race all of AMRA (Arizona Motorcycle Racing Assciation) series in the B class. and working towards a Women's B championship for the 2020 season

Branch into WORCS and RMEC for out of state racing

Dialing in my new GasGas EC300 for enduro riding and racing

Transition from my YZ race bike to the GasGas in preparation to start racing my enduro focused events out of state (Rocky mountain Enduro Circuit)

Competitive Highlights

Secured an overall finish of 33rd out of 76 bikes while winning the Women's class at the AMRA Honey Badger Enduro, held in Flagstaff, AZ. This was my first racing season, and this race I was priviledged with racing a GasGas XC250 that I had never ridden before

At the end of 2019 I moved from the Women's C class to the B class and secured a 2nd place finish there

My 2020 B class season is off to a fantastic start, and I currently maintain the points lead for the Women’s class with the AMRA series