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Personal History

My name is Brendan Carrington and I live in Ottawa with my parents and older sister.  I am 13 years old and motocross is my passion!

I started riding MX when I was six years old on a Suzuki PW50 at the MX101 summer camps at my home track Sand del Lee in Richmond, Ontario in 2011.  I rode in my first races a bit later on a Honda CRF70 and was hooked! But it wasn’t easy being the only kid lining up at the gate on a 4-stroke, so I switched to a KTM 65SX and began racing more regularly.  My first “full” racing season was in 2015 (when I upgraded to a KTM65SXS) in the MX101 Ironman Series. In spring of 2016 and 2017 I was lucky enough to be able to ride several tracks down south in Florida, North Carolina and Georgia, and during the past two seasons I have raced regularly at eight tracks in Eastern and Southern Ontario in the various series hosted by MX101, Macguire’s Motocross Racing (MMRS) and AMO (Amateur Motocross Ontario), as well as some USMX races in New York state (Thornwood MX).  In August, 2017, I also raced at the Canadian Grand National Amateur ECAN in Deschambault, Québec.  At the end of the 2016 season, while my primary classes were still the 65cc/60GP/85cc on my KTM65SXS, I started riding a Suzuki RM85 and in 2017 my focus was more on the 85cc/Supermini classes.  I had a great year in 2017, focusing more on refining skills than chasing points in all the local series but I raced most of the MX101 Ironman Series, finishing 3rd overall in 85cc 7-11 and 5th overall in Supermini (on my stock Suzuki RM85).

I love sports in general and besides MX, I have been involved in different sports since I was 3, when I started skiing.  I began playing hockey when I was five, playing goaltender in house league for a couple of seasons, then moving to competitive hockey with the Ottawa Valley Silver Seven (regular season) and two AAA spring teams in the Ottawa area, where I gained a reputation as one of the best 2005 goalies in the area. When I was 6 and 7, I joined my sister (who is an eventer and competes in horse trials) to ride at her barn, until the hockey schedule made it impossible to carry on with both.    I also became interested in snowboarding, especially freestyle snowboarding, and have spent the last several of winters getting out to the terrain parks at the ski hills near my house and competing in “Rail Jams” and informal freestyle competitions.   I have had to decide whether to pursue hockey or MX competitively – both sports are intense, expensive and take a lot of time  - but my passion is motocross so it wasn’t a difficult choice. 

My other interests include BMX biking, creating graffiti and airbrush art and RC cars.  I also think it is important to do well in school and have been an honour student every year (I am now in Grade 7). 

I think I am a hard worker and I always do my best.   Through sports, but especially motocross, I have learned that it is very important to always try to improve yourself and to have a positive attitude, even when things don’t work out the way you want.   I also realize that I would not be able to race without a lot of support – right now, mostly from my parents (especially my dad) who make sure I have good bikes and the gear I need and who spend a huge amount of time taking me to practice and to races and keeping my bikes running well.   But I am also grateful also for the current support of Nihilo Concepts, Factory Connection, FXR Racing, Atlas Brace, Mobius Braces, MD Distributions, Fred Kolman's Wheelsport (Ottawa), Casselman Performance (Ottawa), March Road Motorsports (Ottawa), Factory Seat and Aventum IP law.

I am hoping to have the support of your company as well, and will do what I can to represent your brand well.  Thank you very much for considering me!

Riding Goals

My riding goals are to always improve and to keep working on my technique to get better and faster.  In 2016 I won Championship titles in 4 of the 5 series I raced in (finishing 2nd in the 5th  series) on my KTM65SXS, In 2017, I focused more on skills improvement and one race series in Ontario (with a podium finish in 85cc and 5th overall in Supermini in the MX101 series).  I worked really hard to get there but there is always room for improvement and there are always new challenges in higher classes.  My goal is to do just as well in 2018 as I did in 2016/17 and finish the season on the podium in Supermini as well. The year has been off to a great start - I have won 11 of my last 16 starts in 85cc 12-16 and Supermini, with several other podium finishes this season.   For the time being, I will be racing my stock RM85 in both the 85 and Supermini classes, but I may get a Supermini bike at some point in the season. I also want to get even more experience racing in the U.S. on nearby tracks in NY and New England.  

Competitive Highlights


Kennelly Mountain MX (Ottawa Valley Series, Rounds 1-2) - June 9-10/18: 

  • Won 7 out of 8 motos for 1st overall both days in Supermini, 1st and 2nd overall in 80cc 12-16

Walton Eastern ANQ 2018 and Tag Metals Ontario Provincial Series

  • currently in first place in both Supermini and 80cc 12-16



In 2017, I focused on the MX101 series (finishing 3rd in 80cc 7-11 and 5th in Supermini), with a couple of USMX races at Thornwood (including a 1st place overall) and the Grand National ECAN at Deschambault (finishing 3rd overall in 65cc 10-11).



• MX101 Ironman Series:  Champion – 60cc 10-11
• MMRS Provincial Series: Champion – 60cc 10-11
• MMRS National Series: Champion – 60cc 10-11
• Kennelly Mountain Series (KMMX): Champion -  60cc 10-11
• Kennelly Mountain Series (KMMX): Champion - 80cc 7-11  (on my KTM65SXS)
• Kennelly Mountain Series (KMMX): Champion – 60GP
• MMRS 6ft Trophy Series: 2nd Overall – 60cc 10-11
• MX101 Ironman Series: 4th Overall – 80cc-7-11 (on my KTM65SXS)



MX101 Ironman Series at Sand del Lee (Richmond, Ontario) and finished 3rd overall in the 65cc 7-9 class, and tied for 6th in the 85cc 7-11 class (on my KTM65SXS).