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Rider Updates

Jun 17 2018

Very unlikely day had mechanical problem right before the race and just couldn’t really figure it out but got the bike running the best of my abilitiy with the little time I had and took some bad lines causing me to fall behind taking 8th outta 14. Ready to hit snowshoes this up coming weekend 

Jun 7 2018

I’m the last two weekends have been great. I took 8th outta 30 at The John Penton for the gncc race then proceed to take 4th the following weekend for NECXC out of 16. Solid weekend and just getting better each and every week next race will be the 17th of this month for another NECXC. 

Jun 3 2018

Great muddy weekend taking 4 outta 16. Great from start to finish hopefully we can keep this going and thanks to everyone who has been by my side this whole time !!

Apr 17 2018

Had a great weekend this past weekend even though I didn’t get a good start I find my way battling up front but on lap two getting sick and drop back to 12 but I find my way working up to 8th and just 2 minutes behind 5. I like to thanks All my sponsor for all the help so for this year! 

Apr 9 2018

Starts keep getting better and better have being top 4 after the start but fell back to 18th out of 30. Keep getting better each week on climbing the position ladder. 

Mar 4 2018

Had a great start off to the race having too 3 in after lap but then start to make mental mistakes dropping back to 20th out over 40 . 

Feb 28 2018

Added a local race that I will be racing this Sunday in Newburgh Wv for the Mountain State Hare Scramble 

Feb 25 2018

Great sponsorship came along this morning and I’m glade to announce to have TAG Metals Along for this season!!

Feb 22 2018

Great to have Eagle Grit along for the 2018 season

Jan 11 2018

Thanks to to SPY optics on the sponsorship for the 2018 season. I’m going to have some great vision thanks to these guys!!!

Jan 8 2018

Proud to say I have TORC1RACING apart of my race 2018 race season. Great to have these guys aboard!!

Jan 7 2018

My back is going to be safe on the way to and from races thanks to Matrix Concepts on the sponsorship on the 2018 season

Jan 7 2018

Going to be looking sharp thanks to one of my new sponsor Answer!!! I’m bless to have these guys along my side for the 2018 season

Jan 6 2018

Just picked up a great sponsorship today! Thanks to Oneal for the support for the 2018 season. Going to be a great season with them along my side 

Jan 4 2018

Another great day for me! I received two sponsorship Smith Optics and Flo Motorsports! Two great companies. Thank you guys !!

Jan 3 2018

Today just keeps getting better!!! Blessed to receive another sponsorship from DeCal Works! Going to have a sharp looking ride this race season! Thank you

Jan 3 2018

Would like to take a second to thank my family, my friends and my girlfriend with all the support they have giving me and helping me along the way through my race career. I was blessed to receive a sponsorship offer today from Twin Air.  Great to have such a great product on my bike this race year!